Gertler Family Foundation Participates in UTSS’s Conference

The Conference

under the same sun logoIn a few days, albinism charity Under The Same Sun (UTSS) will host a Pan Africa Albinism Conference that will center on increasing awareness towards the difficulties PWA (people with albinism) are facing, and a better understanding towards their condition. The conference will be offered in three languages, English French, and Kiswahili, in order to reach as many people as possible. Many organizations will show their support by participating, including international organizations and PWA groups — and the Gertler Family Foundation (GFF) will also be taking part in the conference, represented by its Communication Manager, Mamie Kabongolo.

The Hosts

UTSS is a global organization dedicated to improving the wellbeing of people suffering from albinism, with an emphasis on the Tanzanian community. PWA often suffer from unjust discrimination and intolerance that can result in violence and even death. The UTSS hopes to relieve their sufferings by way of educating the public on albinism through peaceful advocacy, such as the first Pan Africa conference, which they will host on November 19-22.

Showing Support

The GFF has been actively supporting people suffering from albinism, specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Notably, the “White Ebony” project, which GFF sponsors, focuses on increasing awareness and providing support to PWA. Additionally, the organization is helping 20 albino children in the DRC achieve education from primary school to university, by addressing their daily needs. GFF Communication Manager Mamie Kabongolo will take an active part in the upcoming conference, in a joint effort to promote a more understanding, respectful treatment of PWA.