Muyoli Christian – Soloist Star

Muyoli Christian

Vodacom Best of the Best Star – Muyoli Christian

At the 2015 Vodacom ‘Best of the Best’ show, a young man with albinism made a great impression. Muyoli Christian from Bandundu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) gave a sterling performance, that ended with a standing ovation by both the audience and the judges.

An unfortunate start

Muyoli Christian was born in the capital of the DRC, Kinshasa. His father Jean-Pierre Beteya and mother Mamie Kondo were simple folk and parents to four children, of which Muyoli was the eldest. The family was not well off financially and because of this the young man could not complete his high-school education. Muyoli was not only born into poverty, he was also born with albinism — a congenital disorder distinguished by the absence of skin and/or hair pigment in the person. People with albinism suffer from health conditions and are also widely discriminated against.

Born to sing

Despite having a very challenging start in life, the young performer’s spirits were not dampened. Since he was a very young boy Muyoli loved to sing at every opportunity. When he was around eight years old, the songster amazed his congregation with his beautiful singing voice. Once Muyoli was in his teens, he became part of a successful local band. The next step on his journey to becoming a star was to perform in front of a bigger audience. The Vodacom Best of the Best competition was the perfect opportunity to achieve this goal.

In the top three of Best of the Best

The young performer concluded a triumphant performance with a humble bow in front of a highly excited audience. Audience and judges alike were overwhelmed with Muyoli’s passionate, yet simple routine and his poignant voice. This combination landed young Muyoli Christian third place in the highly competitive competition, a well deserved recognition to his talent.